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Access Pneumatic Casing Backsaver™

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Access Pneumatic Casing Backsaver™

The Pneumatic Casing Backsaver™ works on both square and Pin Drive Master Bushings for drill pipe, drill collars and casings up to 20”. The Backsaver™ was designed to enhance safety during rig floor operations that require the use of slips by reducing the number of personnel required on the rig floor. It can be operated from the driller’s console or at a safe distance from the slips. It will extend slip and insert life by properly setting and pulling slips.

The unit is designed with safety in mind. The Backsaver’s™ purpose is to reduce accidents and fatigue associated with slip handling activities on the rig floor.

Forum™ Energy Technologies (formerly Access Oil Tools) - Smart Solutions & Powerful Products stocked by Oil Nation Inc., located in Houston, TX.

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Technical Specifciations

Weight 495 lbs. (224.5 kg) Backsaver Only w/o Slip
845 lbs. (383.3 kg) with storage stand, control valve, air supply, plate and hoses
Height Raised 25.1” (637.5 mm) | Lowered 15.625” (396.9 mm)
Base Dimensions 50” x 62” (1270 mm x 1575mm)
Base Opening 38.625” (981.1 mm) - Diameter
Minimum Air Pressure 85 PSI