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SSW-40 • Spinning Pipe Wrench

Proving the old saying that "Good things come in small packages", the SSW-40 is not only small in size but also the most powerful pneumatic spinning wrench on the market. Designed with the operator in mind, the controls are simple and positioned for ease of handling. An easy adjustment screw eliminates the need of change rollers and can accommodate drill pipe and drill collars from 3 1/2" to 9 1/2" OD. The National Oilwell Varco SSW-40, proven and tested to National Oilwell Varco's strict standards for performance and reliability, revolutionizes old ideas about how a spinning wrench should look and work.

The speed of the SSW-40's four drive rollers, powered by two motors, is precisely controlled by the operator to permit the slow walking in of drill collars or fast spinning in or out when tripping pipe. In a typical spinning operation the rig hand swings the SSW-40 onto the pipe just above the joint upset. The clamp control is pulled and the throttle handle actuated to spin in or out with absolute direction lockout feature is included to prevent spinning pipe in wrong direction, and comes with added safety valve, which prevents the tool from being closed without pipe in tool.

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